For review regarding Returning To Work following the relaxing of covid-19 restrictions.

Following the governments announcement to relax the covid-19 restrictions, there is still the responsibility to ensure the health and safety of all employees in the workplace.

Employers are expected to control the transmission of covid-19 within their offices by providing adequate ventilation, sufficient cleaning and good hygiene.

To avoid the possibility of a surge in transmission cases it is advised to phase any return to work in offices over the summer period.

BSA would also advise maintaining a degree of staff awareness and use of a hierarchy of control to reduce risk. Continue to limit persons coming into the office allowing persons to work from home where possible, encourage social distancing and continue to recommend the use of face masks in communal areas and on public transport.

Any changes made by the employer must be documented on a risk assessment where you may be able to identify further controls to further protect your workforce.

Attached is a flowchart which clearly outlines the actions to take if an employee suspects or has tested positive for Covid-19.

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