Building Safety Act

We have now hosted several successful webinars on the Draft Building Safety Bill, which is now known as the Building Safety Act. Our most recent webinar was held in October which covered an update on the Building Safety Act and the primary legislation which came in to force on the 1st October 2023.

The information on this webpage explains what our Webinar covered as well as providing you with a link to take you directly to our PowerPoint presentation and which contains all the key points covered in our Building Safety Act Webinar.

The information on the Building Safety Act is ever-growing and we will update this as much as possible as and when new information comes in.  

The Building Safety Act Webinar Covered the Following:

This webinar covered the intent of the legislation and the impact that it is designed to have on the construction industry for those high-risk buildings that are in scope. The presenters have been tracking the development of what is widely considered to be biggest change for the construction industry in a very long time. They have been engaging with the new Building Safety Regulator, clients, developers, designers and contractors to identify the challenges that this legislation raises and providing answers, as best as is possible, to how they can be met. The webinar included transitional arrangements for those projects that are currently in the design or construction phases, the issue of partial occupation and many other issues for which there is now much greater clarity.

The legislators expect that greater consideration of health and safety risk management is built into design and construction for all projects.

A copy of the slideshow can be downloaded by clicking the button below.

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