Commercial Sector

If you are part of a business in the commercial sector, it is important that you have applied all health and safety measures to your work environment. The CDM regulations apply to all construction work, including refurbishments and extensions. We act as CDM Consultants for other duty holders and for commercial property owners. So if you have any concerns about the health and safety of your commercial business, we can help put your mind at ease.

We work not against you, but with your business to work out solutions to any concerns over health and safety that you might have. We strive to make sure that all workplaces are safe for both employees and customers too so that you have no concerns about the safety of your environment. No matter whether this is a new business or one that is already established, it can never hurt your business to make sure you have all health and safety measures in place. Its important to make sure that you have planned your business with the latest health and safety measures in mind.

Bernard Sims Associates are leading health and safety advisors and we can make sure that your business thrives without the concern of a major health and safety incident. Although regulations have reduced the number of fatalities in the commercial sector, accidents can still be common and end up costing your business. We can also offer training in the commercial sector so that your staff are fully aware of any risks that might remain and have the appropriate training to deal with this. If you do have any concerns over the health and safety of your business, then make sure you get in touch with us.

If you would like Bernard Sims Associates to help you with your Commercial project or you would like some further information then please email us on or call on 01483 467270 where we will be more than happy to assist you.

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