CDM Regulations were due to be updated in 2020 but have since been pushed back due to Coronavirus. This means that CDM Regulations 2015 still apply to all construction projects in the UK, no matter whether business or domestic. It is important that you understand the Construction Design and Management Regulations for your project and make sure that you have assigned a duty holder to your project. This is usually the principal designer but Bernard Sims Associates can help make sure you meet all requirements.

As a business we’ve been working with construction clients, designers and contractors for over 20 years. We brought experience and expertise to the CDM 2015 debate with the HSE and our clients, contributing to help shape and make sense of the new regulations to ensure they meet real-world needs, project and situation.

We’ve stayed close to the process since the new regulation came into effect, helping clients across the industry to navigate their way through the changes in how construction projects are planned, designed, procured and delivered.

The Construction Design Management Regulations 2015 replaced the 2007 regulations and the role of the CDM Coordinator. We’re recognised and accredited by Altius, SMAS, CHAS, APS and SafeContractor to deliver health and safety services and for CDM roles including Principal Designer, Principal Designer Assist and Client Assist. 

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Why Appoint Bernard Sims Associates As CDM Dutyholder?

If you are entering a construction project then you will need to make sure you meet all health and safety regulations including CDM Regulations 2015. This often includes appointing several people with responsibility for different parts of the process. The principal designer is usually responsible for this during the pre construction phase but this often moves to the principal contractor. 

Appointing Bernard Sims Associates to manage this process ensures that you follow all procedures necessary to make sure your project complies with the latest regulations. Our expert team of health and safety consultants can guide you through the entire process and make sure your project runs smoothly.  We can also monitor and assist with CDM documentation including;

  • Pre-Construction Information
  • Construction Phase Plan
  • Health and Safety File

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