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Health & Safety

As specialist health and safety consultants, we review and advise on policy and working practices for organisations of all kinds and sizes. But our work is about far more than rules and regulations.

It’s about making people feel safe and looked after, which in turn makes for a happier workplace. Numerous studies show that when employees feel happy and cared for, productivity increases, while downtime and absenteeism fall.

Effective health and safety practises can also prevent the kind of incidents that lead to costly legal action, not to mention the reputations of senior managers and board directors, who may be found personally liable.

Because our staff have worked in so many sectors and roles before becoming health and safety professionals, we can confidently provide the perfect consultant for you and your organisation.

We work with major multinationals and SME’s, and are as happy helping small businesses with compliance as we are advising the powers-that-be on changes to the CDM 2015 regulations.

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