Education Sector

Applying the principles of the Construction (Design & Management) Regulations 2015 is most important given the mix of ages and activities within places of learning. Hazards must be identified and eliminated wherever possible and remaining risks (those that cannot be designed out) managed effectively during occupation. At Bernard Sims Associates we have worked with many project teams across a variety of education establishments delivering buildings that not only help make the learning experience a good one but most importantly a safe place to learn.  Two such projects were the Gilbert Inglefield Academy and Vandyke Upper School where additional space was required  for the teaching of increased numbers of pupils. An additional facility being provided included a new teaching block. The re-modelling of other areas during these projects included toilets, kitchens, netball courts, car parks and existing classrooms.

At the University of Kent,  major works that we assisted with included replacement of the existing glazing, provision of new Air Conditioning, replacement of ceilings, new fixtures, fittings, flooring and redecoration.   The wide scope of work once designed was delivered  outside of the academic terms and within budget and with no safety incidents.

BSA has also recently worked  with the University of the Arts in London on a major external cladding project that will improve the thermal efficiency of the building as well as enhancing the external appearance.  

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