Infrastructure Sector

When acting as Principal Designers and CDM consultants on infrastructure projects we make sure that these projects are carried out in full compliance with the CDM regulations 2015 by planning, managing, monitoring and coordinating health and safety during the design and pre-construction phases of the project and ensuring effective liaison with the Principal contractor throughout the construction phase. Whether the project involves fairly straightforward junction improvements as part of a residential or commercial development or more major motorway improvements of slips roads and  gyratory systems the processes that we work to provide a strong framework to identify risks and eliminate them or identify suitable and sufficient controls.

 BSA are proactive in their approach and ensure collaborative working as part of the team to bring infrastructure projects to a safe and successful conclusion. By their very nature infrastructure works involves many different parties and the coordination of the various designs is critical to avoid conflicts leading to greater risks. BSA have a track record of working on a wide range of such projects and working on every one of them in a collaborative manner within all the project teams.

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