Entertainment Sector

If your business is part of the entertainment sector then there will be plenty of health and safety concerns that you should make sure you have planned for. We help business within the entertainment industry make sure that they meet the latest health and safety regulations. We work with independent and national theatre, cinema and other entertainment venue operators on new-build and refurbishment projects, as well as advising on day-to-day health and safety matters to ensure a safe, welcoming environment for all users.

Our aim is to work with businesses and make sure we understand your unique needs and requirements while delivering a safe environment for customers and staff. Bernard Sims Associates are one of the leading health and safety consultants and we hope to provide solutions to any safety concerns that you might have. We want to enable you to run your business effectively and safely to avoid any unnecessary injury to anyone. It doesn’t matter whether your are building a brand new premises or taking over an existing one, we can help to assess your health and safety standards to make sure your business complies.

We are one of the leading safety advisors in the country and want to provide your business with the ability to thrive without having to worry about safety concerns. Although new regulations have helped to reduce the number of fatalities in the entertainment sector, accidents can still happen and cause financial problems to your business. We also offer health and safety training that can help to make sure your staff are fully trained for all kinds of circumstances. Make sure you get in touch with us if you are looking for a health and safety consultant.

If you would like Bernard Sims Associates to help you with your Entertainment project or you would like some further information then please email us on bsims@bsims.co.uk or call on 01483 467270 where we will be more than happy to assist you.

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