Recladding Sector

Following learnings from the Grenfell Tower tragedy in London there is now greater industry knowledge and awareness of using and installing the right products. It is also abundantly clear of the requirement for recladding works to be undertaken on non-compliant and hazardous facades.  The main issues have been with the fire protection qualities in cladding  used in high rise buildings and in particular residential tower blocks. The use of aluminium composite material’s on high rise buildings which were widely used have been shown to be a major fire risk . Grenfell Tower was clad with composite panels with a polyethylene core which is now known to have been by far the main contributor to the rapid spread of fire to the external façade. The Grenfell enquiry is continuing and the full findings will be published in due course. In the meantime it is estimated that there are still several thousand buildings, both in the public and private sector where work is needed to remove and replace non-compliant cladding.,

At BSA we have been involved as Principal Designers in a wide range of re-cladding projects working with Fire Engineers, Building Control to ensure compliance to Part B ADB – Fire Safety, cladding specialists and contractors to complete the works safely and in full accordance with the HSE’s guidance documents “Fire Risk in Construction, HSG168”, “Fire Prevention on Construction Sites, 9th Edition”. Specific guidance used by HSE inspectors, “Managing Fire Risk during cladding and insulation removal and replacement on tall buildings….” has been used by BSA to create a comprehensive fire safety checklist for use by the appointed Fire Safety Co-ordinator. This has proved invaluable and ensured that people have not been put at risk during re-cladding works due to a lack of knowledge of the requirements and control measures necessary.

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