Local Authorities Sector

BSA have and are working extensively with many Local Authorities providing services under the Construction (Design & Management) regulations. From providing advice and training to all levels within LA’s to writing CDM procedures and performing the roles of Principal Designer and Client CDM Assist we have helped them achieve compliance across their range of activities.

The challenge of the regulations for Local Authorities is often to put processes in place for the variety of projects and activities that they undertake. This often includes large and sometimes complex projects, long term upgrades of housing stock (eg: windows, bathrooms, and kitchens), repairs of buildings, countryside and parks works, etc. Undertaking a proportionate approach under CDM doesn’t mean cutting corners on health and safety but simply that sufficient effort is made to ensure the safety and wellbeing of people and that the regulations have been complied with and that CDM actions can be evidenced.

BSA feel that our approach and experience working for Local Authorities has given a lot of confidence to them under these regulations. Aside from the CDM regulations BSA also offer and have provided to Local Authorities wider health and safety services including Fire Risk Assessments, audits and training. Local Authorities will have their own Health & Safety Managers but for those that we have worked with have welcomed the additional support that we offer and also the sometimes more specialist roles.

If you would like Bernard Sims Associates to help you with your project within your Local Authority or you would like some further information then please email us on bsims@bsims.co.uk or call on 01483 467270 where we will be more than happy to assist you.

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