Health & Safety In Hospitality

We work on health and safety in hospitality and leisure with individual operators and major chains of pubs, hotels and restaurants, sports facilities, and leisure outlets to ensure the health and safety of all users, from customers, guests, and patrons to staff, contractors and suppliers. 

Bernard Sims Associates work to ensure that you are following all the necessary hospitality health and safety requirements properly. The health and safety laws apply to all businesses no matter how big or small you might be, so it is important that you are adhering to these rules. In order to reduce the risk of accidents in your workplace, you must take the right precautions. Although regulations have helped to lower the number of fatalities over the last 20 years, the cause of these accidents is still the same. They mostly relate to electrical burns and fires that are highly preventable. We can help to make sure that you mitigate this risk with the right health and safety measures.

We believe in the mantra that health and safety in the hospitality industry are best put in place when it is planned at the start of any business. We work to HSE standards and can make sure that your business is a safe place to work for everyone. Our team work hard to carry out risk assessments and eliminate any potential health and safety risk before they ever arise. We have a positive approach and our team never look to stop you from doing something with your business, but we find a way that it can be done safely and legally.

Bernard Sims Associates have a great deal of experience working to deliver health and safety services for clients in the hospitality industry. We can make sure that you have covered all aspects of safety in any place of business new or existing. If you haven’t carefully considered health and safety risks for both customers and employees then you could be liable for compensation.

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