Construction Health and Safety

We specialise in construction health and safety. Most of our consultants and practitioners have worked within project management in the construction industry before specialising in Health & Safety. That gives us a unique understanding of the time-scales you’re working to, and the pressure you’re under to deliver.

We help to make sure that your health and safety on the construction site is safe for all workers involved. Due to the various regulations, accidents and fatalities have decreased by around 75% over the last 20 years. But with the cost in human misery and in commercial terms, no accident or fatality is desirable. Although we have seen a fall in numbers overall, the causes of fatalities in the construction sector still remain the same, with most major injuries caused by falls from height, being struck by an object or injuries from lifting and handling.

Bernard Sims Associates work to the HSE standards and this is that construction health and safety in the construction sector works best when it is designed into the project. We work with designers and architects to create pre-construction Health & Safety plans and risk assessments, to identify and eliminate potential risks before they ever appear on-site but reduce and manage them if they are necessary. Our approach is always positive: we’re not here to say why things can’t be done, but to help find ways in which they can – safely, legally and cost-effectively.

Bernard Sims Associates have over 25 years of experience working within the construction industry with some of the leading firms. We provide our construction health and safety expertise to make sure that all projects are safe and run smoothly without interruption. Not only can accidents prove expensive, they can also cause delays to projects and damage your reputation.

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