Retail Sector

It is important that you make sure your retail business meets all the necessary health and safety requirements and you have adhered to all measures. In the eyes of the HSE, the definition of ‘retail’ extends far beyond shops. Our client list in this huge and diverse sector includes national chains and individual outlets across fashion, food-to-go, pubs, hotels and restaurants.

We ensure that your business is a safe place for both staff and customers with a wide range of health and safety retail sector services. Our aim is not to stop your business from functioning or tell you why you can’t do something, but rather to help work out a solution that makes your business safe for all involved. Although fatalities are uncommon in the retail sector, serious injuries can still happen quite often which is why it is vitally important that you make sure that your business meets all health and safety requirements.

Here at Bernard Sims Associates, we work to the latest HSE standards and are more than qualified to make sure that your retail business is safe and that everything runs smoothly. Whether you are launching or new business, taking over an existing one or have been a business owner for many year, it is important to make sure your health and safety measures are always up to date. As guidelines change it is important you keep up to date to ensure the safety of everyone involved with the business. Although accidents can still happen, reducing the risk of these can help save you money. Get in touch to see how we can help your retail business stay safe.

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