health and safety


The number of accidents and fatalities on construction project has dropped by 75% in the last 20 years, thanks to new regulations and greater awareness of health and safety on site. But while the numbers, happily, are down, the main causes remain the same as they’ve always been: falls from height, slipping, tripping or falling on the same level, being struck by an object and lifting and handling. So there’s still work to do.

Instances of poor health in construction have not been reduced as much as those of safety.  At BSA we work with other duty holders to manage and reduce exposure to dust, to promote better methods or handling heavy materials and equipment  and to ensure good welfare is provided throughout projects. Promoting mental health awareness and working with others to reduce stress in construction is another important area for BSA.

The HSE believes, and we agree, that health and safety works best when it’s designed into the project from the start. That’s what the CDM Regulation are all about and, as health and safety consultants, we’re here to help you apply them. We work with designers and architects to eliminate potential risks or reduce them, to provide information to other and liaise with contractors to manage construction risks.

Our approach is always positive: we’re not here to say why things can’t be done, but to help find ways in which they can – safely, legally and cost-effectively.

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