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Accident Investigation Services

All accidents are avoidable but as we know they still happen. We provide accident investigation services, so you can understand how to prevent an incident near miss in the future. We make recommendations to put things right and ensure that your workplace is a safe environment for staff and customers alike. Accidents in the workplace do happen but if you don’t do anything to prevent it happening again, you could be liable for injury claims and any damage caused.

If you are looking for accident services then this may be for the purposes of a court case or it may be as part of your management arrangements to review and control risks. We can help to make sure that you have assessed all risks properly and made reasonable adjustments. Bernard Sims Associates have a great deal of experience in accident and risk assessment and will make sure that we provide you with a complete safety analysis. Our aim is to work with you and to provide you with solutions so that you can get back to working safely.

For every fatality, there are many serious injuries and for every serious injury, there are many more minor injuries. As a consequence, it is worth investigating near misses as soon as possible, an accident may occur for the same or similar reasons. It is worth including an obligation to report near misses as part of your Health & Safety Policy.

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