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Assessment of Contractors and Sub Contractors

A key duty of anyone engaging contractors or subcontractors is to ensure that they have the necessary skills, knowledge, experience and the organisational capability to undertake the work. The HSE uses the maxim, “the right people at the right time.”

These checks need to be reasonable, dependent upon the complexity of the work and the range and nature of the risks involved.

BSA has provided this checking service to clients for many years and will always ensure that our proposal is proportionate.  Basic checks on accreditations such as SSIP registered schemes, insurance, membership of trade bodies, experience in similar work and history of compliance etc can be carried out as a desktop exercise.

Should the project be of higher complexity or have particularly high risks, then visits to contractors’ offices will be appropriate to discuss what arrangements will be proposed to deal with those exceptional circumstances.

Whatever we propose it will be sufficient to satisfy regulations and provide comfort to our clients that they can evidence due diligence.

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