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Development of Construction Phase Plans

We have extensive experience in helping Contractors prepare sufficiently developed Construction Phase Plans (CPP) for their projects. 

Under the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015 a construction phase plan is required for every construction project, regardless of size and duration and should be proportionate to the size, scope and complexity of the project.   

A CPP must be drawn up by the contractor during the pre-construction phase before setting up a construction site.  For projects involving more than one contractor, the responsibility to draw up the plan falls to the principal contractor. It must take into account the information the principal designer provides including the pre-construction information and any information obtained from designers. During the construction phase, the principal contractor must ensure that the plan is appropriately reviewed, updated and revised so that it remains effective.

The CPP must set out the health and safety arrangements and site rules of specific measures concerning any work involving particular risks.  These particular risks are detailed in schedule 3 CDM2015.

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