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Health and Safety Policies and Risk Assessments

Based on a careful inspection and risk assessment, we’ll draw up a policy specifically for you that not only meets legal requirements but, when actioned, will actually help make the workplace safer for you and your staff.

A Health and Safety Policy sets out your general approach and commitment together with the arrangements you have put in place for managing health and safety in your business. It is a unique document that says who does what, when and how.

Having an experienced practitioner carry out an assessment of the risks that you, your employees, customers and members of the public face, means that you can prioritise real risks in terms of consequences and of probability.

The risk assessments we can carry out include hazardous substances, display screen equipment, noise exposure, vibration exposure, falls from height, fire risk, objects falling from height and driving.

Once identified and prioritised, risks can be eliminated, avoided, reduced or managed and BSA can suggest how this is done best whilst still getting work done efficiently. We are here to enable work, not to prevent it.

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