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Site Inspections & Reports  

Construction regulations place duties on clients and contractors to ensure that management arrangements to ensure safety and good health on construction sites are working.

A way to monitor these arrangements is often to carry out regular checks on site.  The range of things checked should include the provision of suitable welfare facilities which need to be maintained and available for the duration of construction work. Safe working practices and the means by which these standards are being maintained are one of the main aspects that deserves attention.

BSA’s inspectors are construction experienced professionals who will undertake inspections on behalf of clients and contractors and provide written reports on their findings together with recommendations for any improvements.

Our approach to inspections is as a positive contributor to improvements to standards. Discussions with site management are geared towards agreeing better ways of managing health and safety on-site if and when those opportunities are identified.

The importance of reports is to act not only as a record but as a driver for improvements.  This is with a view to eliminating or reducing incidents, accidents and ill health during construction work.

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