The Building Safety Bill had it’s first reading in the House of Commons on Monday 5th July 2021.

Safety in the construction industry is set to undergo the biggest change following the tragic events of Grenfell Tower. The Association for Project Safety has issued a statement detailing how the Bill will progress through parliament and the importance of this legislation.

BSA are committed to working with all stakeholders to improve standards in the construction industry to the point where everybody can be safe in their homes and construction workers can go home everyday after work with no injuries and in good health. As such we support the statement and the drive for urgent improvements.

APS Statement

The Association for Project Safety [APS] said:
 “The Association for Project Safety [APS] believes safety comes first – before the first drawing is produced or brick is laid. Today’s (Monday 5 July 2021 date) long-awaited publication of the Building Safety Bill offers the opportunity to reset building safety in England by designing safety in and appointing a safety expert to every team when projects are being developed.

“APS members believe everyone should have the right and expectation to work and live in buildings that are safe. Firms that have failed in their duty to guard the safety of residents and workers should play their part in putting things right. But safety cannot be an afterthought. And it is a collective effort.  Everyone in construction – designers, construction workers, clients, government and regulators, at every stage of life of a building – must work together using all our skills and experience to make construction safer for everyone.

“Members of the APS – experts in design health & safety risk management – are committed to making construction safer and will work constructively with our industry partners, government and the HSE to ensure the Building Safety Bill delivers buildings and structures that are safe for us all.”

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Key Points to Make
The Association for Project Safety highlights:

  • Safety is not a Cinderella service – safe construction means appointing safety experts at the outset, right from the beginning of the design stage.
  • Safety is not an afterthought or an add-on – you need safety experts on the team before you start designing anything and certainly before the first bricks go in.  
  • It is important to put things right if there has been a problem but much better to get safety right from the start.  
  • Every project is a team effort – safety specialists need to be appointed early. Safety must be front and Centre at the outset, right from the beginning of the design stage and before any building work has started.  
  • The principal designer function is a team game – on complex projects no individual can have all the skills, knowledge, experience and training needed.  
  • No building can be beautiful if it is not safe.
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