HSE Launch New Campaign Throughout October & November – Moving & Handling Materials

HSE Launch New Campaign throughout October & November –
Moving & Handling Materials

The HSE have recently launched a new campaign which is targeting construction sites as part of a health inspection initiative which is supported by the ‘Work Right Construction: Your health. Your future’ campaign. Around a thousand inspections will be undertaken throughout October and November focusing on this newly launched campaign involving checking how workers are moving heavy or bulky materials.

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Work Right Construction: Your Health. Your Future Campaign
The campaigns’ main purpose it to raise awareness of health issues that could arise when moving and handling materials, the end goal is to improve the long-term health of those working in the construction sector.

The campaign started on Monday 3 October 2022, with HSE inspections focusing on moving and handling construction materials. The inspectors will be checking that the employers and workers are aware of the risks, the importance of planning their work and finally, using the correct control measures to protect workers from injuries, pain, discomfort in joints, muscles and bones which is known as musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs).

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The Statistics
In 2021 it was estimated that around 40,000 construction workers suffered from work-related musculoskeletal disorders. Having an injury such as MSD’s can have a huge bearing on a workers’ ability to perform tasks, their quality of life, and in some cases, their ability to be able to stay at work and earn a living. Many workers can, and do suffer from long-term pain and discomfort.

What is required as an Employer
The law requires employers to provide their employees with health and safety information and training, including specific information and training on manual handling injury risks and their prevention to enable them to work safely. Construction workers need to recognise the long-term health risks when moving and handling materials on site, and it is vital that workers are aware of the risks and know what to do to stay safe. 

When moving and handling materials the risks should be considered and prevented where possible at the design stage. Once on site and before work starts, employers should talk to workers about controlling existing risks to make sure that the right training, aids and equipment are there to prevent injuries.

If moving and lifting materials is managed effectively, a physical job on a building site should not result in aches, pains and strains which could affect every part of workers’ lives. 

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To find out more about the campaign, please visit the ‘Work Right’ website below. A YouTube video is also available to watch below which explains further about the ongoing campaign.

The HSE’s website can also provide further information on their newly launched campaign.

Work Right Website – https://workright.campaign.gov.uk/campaigns/your-health-your-future/
Work Right Construction Campaign Video –https://youtu.be/kpfbeJmOBJk
HSE Website – https://www.hse.gov.uk/index.htm